The image is taken from Speech Signal Processing Laboratory

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) achieved a plausible quality in image generation in computer vision. Recently, the NLP community shows intensive interest in using GAN for speech synthesis. Using GANs in text to speech would be more challenging because of the text and speech nature, but at the same time it will improve speech synthesis task and overcome some problem in conventional approaches.

GAN consists of two separated neural networks: generator and a discriminator. The generator takes in a random variable, z following a distribution Pz(z) and attempt to map it to the data distribution Px(x). The output distribution of the…

The picture is taken from

Green technology is the technology that tries to be environmentally friendly. Its targets are to save the power, low quantities of raw materials and resources, low voltage-low size, which in turn reduces the load on power plants which can lead to less pollution and that is suitable to nanotechnologies or nanoelectronics, biomaterials in electronics, green organic semiconductors This can also mean apply recycling of energy concept to the electrical and electronic device and circuit.

Solar, wind, and hydroelectric dams are examples of green technologies that are safer for the environment and don’t produce fossil fuel waste by-products. …

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